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Our unique, interactive tools help ease frustration throughout the day. Staying on the same page has never been so easy!

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Personalized Picture Charts

  This Personalized picture chart is the ultimate tool to help your child stay on task throughout the day.  This simple to use chart promotes clear communication between children and parents. It empowers children as they learn independence and responsibility.  Children are drawn to the easy to understand, game-like pieces.  They can't wait to complete tasks and move pieces on their charts!  


  Sit down with a licensed Intervention Specialist to discuss your child's unique interests and challenges. Denise Roth will hear your story and create a personalized chart that addresses the main concerns of you as the parent or teacher as well as the support the child needs throughout the day. Consultations can be in person, by phone, or by video chat. I look forward to hearing from you today!  

Set-up and Support

  When your personalized picture chart is finished, we will deliver the chart and provide any training needed for parents or school staff. We can also introduce the chart to the child at this point and build excitement for using it in their daily routines. Children are so enthusiastic about seeing their personalized pictures and learning how to move them around! Denise Roth will also be available by phone or e-mail to answer questions along the way as the child begins using their chart in their daily routines.  

About Us

Design My Day at School

Do you have students who struggle to stay on task throughout the day? Would you like to give them positive behavior support in a way that is personalized and does not make them stand out socially? Portable picture charts are tailor made for your student and their daily schedule. The chart will use the students specific interests as motivation to help them through the most challenging parts of their day. It is self-contained, subtle, and portable which makes it perfect for students who are traveling from class to class. Students learn independence, class skills, and self-monitoring with the colorful, interactive pictures. Portable picture charts help keep multiple teachers, aides, and the student on the same page all day long!     

Design My Day at Home

Are you tired of saying the same old reminders everyday? Do your children get frustrated with constant verbal reminders? Design My Day offers tools and services that will eliminate the need to have the same frustrating conversations throughout your daily routines. Our hands on tools reduce stress and create common ground that will help both parents and children breathe easier. Imagine a day when your child has completed their homework, house-hold chores, and is now enjoying free time and you never had to say a word! 

Meet Design My Day creator: Denise Roth

Denise Roth is a licensed Intervention Specialist with experience in Austism, attention issues, learning disabilities, language delays and behavioral challenges. She has training in ABA (applied behavior analysis) therapy and has worked extensively with positive behavior support strategies and motivation techniques.   Denise is a Foster/Adoptive parent and Mom to 4 energetic kids ages 1-10. Denise is excited to use her research and intervention background to empower parents and school staff to connect with children with tools that help decrease anxiety and frustration throughout the day.  

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The portable picture chart in action!

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